Briars Court

Access Statement

We endeavour to cater for the needs of all our visitors in our Victorian family home with up to 4 rooms allocated to bed and breakfast guests.

The following statement is a summary of our provision.


The main train station is 12 minutes walk or 4 minutes by car.
There is a local taxi service with accessible taxis if required.  We can make a booking on request.
Brochures and menus can be provided in large print.
We have a website which includes all necessary information for a bookings enquirer.
You can contact us via phone, text, or email (details below)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

On arrival to the property there are two entrances from the road, on each side of the property.  These are always open.
It is advisable to take a fairly wide sweep when preparing to drive in through the entrances.
All car parking is off road and there is plenty of room for all guest cars.
There are no marked parking bays.
There is safe and spacious off-loading both to the rear and to the sides of vehicles.
The surface is tarmac in very good condition.
We can assist guests with luggage from vehicles to the rooms.
The town centre is 10 minutes walk from our property or 3 minutes by car.  We can provide a town centre map.

Main Entrance & Reception

The front door has four 1.25 m wide steps, the first is 8 cms high and the others 15 cms high.  If requested by wheel chair bound visitors we have a purpose made ramp which can be put in place.  Please let us know before arrival if you need this.
The front door is always locked but we have push button bell at an accessible height.  A front door key is issued to guests after arrival along with a room key.
The front door is 1 metre wide with a metal grab rail to the left.
On entry into our home there is a porch 1.5 by 1.5 metres leading though a 75cm wide door into a hallway 2 by 4 metres.
There is a seat in the hallway.
There is short section of wood flooring in the hallway with a non-slip rug runner.  Otherwise the premises are carpeted throughout.

Public Areas – General (Internal)

The hallway, stairs, landings and corridor are bright and well lit.
The flooring in these areas is short haired carpeting.
There are 12 stairs to a 1 by 2 metre half landing followed by a further 8 stairs to the 2 by 3 metre first floor landing.
The stairs are 19cm high, 25cm deep, 90cm wide.
Bedroom number 1 opens off the ground floor hallway.
Bedroom Number 2 opens immediately off the first floor landing.
Bedrooms number 3 &4 open off the corridor immediately to the left at the top of the stairs.

Dining Room

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor.  There are no steps.
Tables have underspace of 67cm high by 135cm wide and height of 73cm (legs on each corner).
All chairs can be moved around for convenient access.
Menus are provided in normal size print but can be made available in large print.


Not available


Not available

Leisure Facilities

TVs are installed in every bedroom.

Outdoor Facilities

At their own risk, guests can use the rear garden and tables and seating can be provided on request.  Access is by the left hand side of the house down a short slope.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

Not available


There are up to 4 bedrooms, one on the ground floor and three on the first floor.
All bedroom door widths are 80 cms and all doors open inwards.
All rooms have wash basins with hot and cold water, all 81cms high and flat fronted.
All décor is light coloured and the rooms are well lit.
All bedrooms have fitted short pile carpet on the floor.
All beds can be raised on blocks on request.
All bedrooms have TVs with remote controls and teletext.
All bedrooms have drinks making facilities.
All bedrooms have full length mirrors offering easy sight at all heights.
Some bedroom furniture can be moved on request.

Bedroom Number 1 (Ground Floor)

The 3 metres route to the ground floor breakfast room is through one end of the spacious hallway, crossing the foot of the stairway.
This bedroom measures 4.25 by 4.25 metres and has twin 3 ft divan beds which are 56 cm high.
There is 1.5 metres free space at the end of each bed.
There is a desk with chair.
There are two comfortable easy chairs.
There are at least 1 metre wide routes within the bedroom, reducing to 50 cms to the side of beds and between beds, allowing for left or right transfer to beds in any combination.

Private Bathroom for Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 has a private bathroom located less than 3 metres away.
The room has free floor space 150cms by 120 cms.
It has a door of width 66cms and has a low mounted basin with long handled taps, a shower with 14cm step/edge and 53 cm wide entry and fitted with two grab rails.
The WC has a grab rail to the right and available free space of 30 cms.
The floor is fitted with good quality vinyl.

Bedroom Number 2 (First floor)

This bedroom has twin 3 ft divan beds each 56cms high which can be zipped together for a super king bed.
The room measures 4.25 by 4.35 metres and there are wide routes within the bedroom, reducing to 50 cms to the side of beds and 30 cms between beds, allowing for left or right transfer to beds in any combination
There is 1.5 metres free space at the end of each bed.
There is a desk with chair.
There are two comfortable easy chairs.

En Suite for Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 has an ensuite shower room measuring 2.2 by 1.4 metres.  It has a door of 57 cms width, opening inwards.
The free floor space is 140 cms by 130 cms.
The ensuite has a WC with grab rail, a basin and a shower.
The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 13cm high, a grab rail and 44cm door opening.
The WC is 45 cms high and has a grab rail to the right.  It has available free space of 30 cms.
The floor is fitted with good quality vinyl.

Bedroom number 3 (First Floor)

This bedroom has one 4ft 6 double divan bed 56cms high.
The room measures 4.3 by 2.7 metres with access of 50 cms between the walls and  each side of the bed.
There is 1.7 metres from the bed to the fitted wardrobe/desk unit located along one end wall adjacent to the door.
There is a comfortable easy chair.
This bedroom shares a large bathroom with Room 4 when that room is used for B&B.

Bedroom Number 4 (First Floor)

This bedroom measures 4.6 by 2.8 metres and has one 3 ft 6” divan bed which is 52 cm high.
There is at least 50 cms width to each side, allowing for left or right transfer.
There is a fitted wardrobe unit along one wall.
There is a comfortable easy chair.
There is a desk with chair.
The basin is flat fronted with a cupboard fitted below

Large Bathroom (First Floor)

Door width 78cm, inward opening
Free floor space clear of door is 276cm x 146cm
The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 19cm high and has two grab rails.  It has a door opening of 53 cms.
The enamel bath measures 165cms by 50 cms  and the bath edge is 50cm high.  The bath has a grab rail and a non-slip bath mat.
The basin is flat fronted and has a fitted cupboard below.   It is 78cm high.
The toilet is 44cm high and has available free space of 26 cms.
The floor is fitted with good quality vinyl.

Grounds and Gardens

We have a large enclosed garden (mostly lawns with flower borders) for residents use. Seats and benches are available.

Additional Information

Mobile phone reception is generally good.
Free broadband access is available with the use of our wifi security code which can be supplied on request.
There are Fire Action notices in all bedrooms.
Exit routes must be kept clear at all times for fast evacuation for whatever reason either through the front door or through the doors leading from the Dining Room.
If you might require assistance for evacuation please notify us on arrival and we will ensure special arrangements are ready.
In accordance with English Law we are a no-smoking building but we have a “smoking” bench with ash trays available, located just to the left of the front door.
We have a small fridge, a microwave and a toaster in the Dining Room for guest use .

Contact Information

A comprehensive list of contact numbers is listed in the Brochure located in each bedroom.

Future Plans

We continually endeavour to improve our accommodation and service.
We welcome your feedback and if you have any comments please do not hesitate to let us know.